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​​Standards Based Teaching and Learning (SBTL)
Beaverton High School continues to implement a Standards-Based Learning System (SBLS). Our core classes in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science will be taught within the context of a standards-based learning system and graded using the standards based grade book. This shift is something we are truly excited about because we believe it will allow authentic communication about what our students know and are able to do in relation to clear learning targets. Even more exciting is that in addition to teachers of core courses, many other BHS teachers have chosen to use the SBLS grade book this year. Each of our teacher’s course syllabi outlines the grading practices in the course. Ask to see your student’s course syllabi for more information about specific grading in individual courses.

The Standards-Based Learning System is based on the goal of creating consistently high expectations for all students and supporting the achievement of these standards. As we continue to learn about and implement the system, please keep the following in mind: ​​
  • ​One of the essential strengths of a standards-based learning system is the presence of rigorous Learning Targets that identify what students should know and be able to do for every class. Learning Targets are consistent across classes within any school and across the district.
  • Another asset to standards-based learning is that teachers identify classroom activities or tasks that provide students the best opportunities to learn and demonstrate proficiency on each the learning targets for the class.
  • Standards-based learning moves students to the center of the learning experience and students are fully aware of how their coursework will lead them to attainment of proficiency on the learning targets.
  • Ongoing assessment informs teachers about the progress of individual students and the entire class.
  • Teachers and students can determine a student's level of proficiency on each individual task by using a variety of assessment tools.
  • In addition to providing evidence of individual student progress, ongoing assessment informs teachers of any instructional changes necessary to meet the needs of an entire class.
  • Teachers determine when there is sufficient evidence to determine students’ level of proficiency for a Learning Target.
  • Teachers determine if and when students may be offered additional opportunities to demonstrate higher levels of proficiency or when students need additional learning to achieve proficiency.
  • Teachers determine which assignments or tasks are recorded for a mark in the electronic grade book.
  • The electronic grade book captures student progress toward meeting individual targets and informs the teacher’s determination of the letter grade.
While we continue the transition to a Standards-Based Learning System, you will not see any changes to the report card that you will receive at the end of grading periods. Again, I encourage you to take a look at the syllabus for each course in order to know grading practices/policies. Our teachers are committed to keeping the grades current every three weeks and ParentVue provides a portal for families to periodically check on a student’s progress in class. I will offer more information about grading practices next week in this update. PROUD to be Beaverton High School