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​​BHS Summer School

Once again Beaverton High School families will have the opportunity for students to attend summer school. BHS will offer a similar variety of course offerings as last summer. We are providing some offerings for:

Acceleration & Enrichment AGSII is designed for students who seek advancement in a course sequence that a standard 4-year high school schedule will not allow. This course provides the same breadth, depth and rigor as it’s classroom counterparts but in a highly accelerated format

Credit Recovery which includes:
  • In-class
    • AGS 1A
    • AGS 1B
  • Online (APEX) Classes:
    • Algebra 1A
    • Algebra 1B
    • Algebra 2A
    • Algebra 2B
    • Geo Survey A
    • Geo Survey B
    • Chemistry A
    • Chemistry B
    • Physics A
    • Physics B
    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies

Summer 8.5 will provide 1.0 elective credit and is a transitional program focused specifically on skill development, leadership, and college/career readiness.

Summer 9.5 provides two opportunities for 0.5 elective credit and is a program focused specifically on skill development and college/career readiness.

Below are links to the materials and application forms.

Anne Erwin, Principal