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2017-18 Back-to-School FAQ's for New and Returning Bonny Slope Students

How can I register my child at Bonny Slope during the summer?

If you are in Bonny Slope's attendance boundary: Boundary Map

you may:

a. register now online (Online Registration)

b. come to the school on or after Aug. 14th when our school office will be open

My child will be new to Bonny Slope this fall. Can we visit the school before school starts?

Yes, on Thursday, August 31st at 4:30 Fifth grade students will give families a tour of the building at the beginning of “Meet Your Teacher” night.

My child has already registered for school and/or has attended Bonny Slope in the past. When will we know what teacher my child has been assigned?

On Wednesday, August 30th, teachers will email their class and welcome the students into the new year. If you do not receive an email by Wednesday evening, please be sure to contact Bonny Slope the following morning to make sure we have your correct contact information.

I ordered my child's supplies through School House Supplies Online in the spring. When can I pick them up?

You do not need to pick up your supplies, they are delivered directly to the classroom.

I didn't order supplies through School House Supplies Online in the spring. Is it too late?

Yes, the deadline to order has past. But, don't may purchase your supplies at any area stores. Check our website for each grade level’s supply list.

Is it possible to drop off my child's school supplies before the first day of school? Can we meet my child's teacher?

Yes! We are having a "Meet Your Teacher" night on Thursday, Aug. 31st from 4:30-6:00. Students and their parents may drop off their supplies in their new classroom and meet their new teacher in an informal setting. Also, BSCO is having a "Bring Your Own Picnic" on our playground from 5-7:30pm on the same day so you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones! Our community partner, Franz Bakery will at the school at 5:00pm to serve mini grilled cheese sandwiches, animal cookies and water for kids while supplies last.

When day does school start?

The first day of school is:

Tuesday, Sept. 5th for grades 1-5 and for kindergarten students whose last name begins with A-L*.

Wednesday, Sept. 6th for kindergarten students whose last name begins with M-Z* (Kindergarteners whose last name begins with A-L do not attend).

Thursday, June 7th all kindergarten students attend with the rest of the student body.

*Because our kindergarten students are new to Bonny Slope, we want them to feel welcome and not overwhelmed on their first day. By having only half of the students attend on their first day, they can receive more attention from their teacher and BSE staff as they learn our school routines.

May I walk my student to class on the first day of school?

Parents are welcome to escort their students to class on the first day of school. After the first day, any parent that enters the building must sign in at the office. To build independence we ask that parents say good-bye at the entrance of the school. While instilling a sense of

independence and confidence in children, we want to encourage timeliness and eliminate crowding in the hallways and office.

At 8:30 parents are invited to a “Welcome Back” coffee in the library.

How can I access Beaverton School District Back-to-School Information?

Click here for district-wide 2017-18 information: District Back to School Information

What day does “Early Release” begin?

Beginning September 13, 2017, the District will implement a 90-minute early release on Wednesday afternoons to allow educators time to collaborate and participate in professional development opportunities.

Beginning Wednesday, September 13, 2017, dismissal times will be (subject to change):

Elementary schools that start at 8:30 a.m. will dismiss at 1:35 p.m. The Early Release/Teacher Collaboration webpage has an updated FAQ and an animated video (English & Spanish) explaining Early Release and Teacher Collaboration. Check it out and share it today!’

What should I know about dismissal time?

Dismissal is a busy time. There are four options for students:

1.     Ride the school bus home: Teachers will deliver bus riders as they exit the building.

2.    After school classes or Student Stop: Students will be released to their assigned location.

3.    Parent pick up 3:05-3:15: If a parent wants to pick up a student at 3:05 dismissal, the parent      may enter the parking lot, park in a marked parking space (no curb parking), and pick up student(s) in the marked areas by the bike racks.

4.    Parent pick up curbside after 3:20: If a parent would prefer to pick up a student without getting out of the car, the parent will enter the bus lane at 3:20 (after the buses leave).  Students will enter cars at the top of the bus lane.  (These students will go to the gym at dismissal time. They will then line up for curbside pickup and be escorted by staff to the bus pickup lane at 3:20). Parents, please do not park in the parking lot and wait until 3:20.  Parking is VERY limited for the parents picking up their child in front of the school.  Thank you.

For your child’s safety and to avoid congestion and confusion in the lobby as students and staff exit, please refrain from picking up your child in his/her classroom or outside near the bus lane. Teachers will escort students to the designated areas. This procedure ensures that regular staff and substitutes are releasing students only to authorized adults.

Finally, please choose a going-home plan, make sure your child knows the plan, and avoid changing the plan except for emergencies. ( A plan may have a student ride the bus on Mondays and Tuesdays and to Student Stop on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.) Making sure your child knows the consistent plan ensures safety.  Changes that occur after the school day begins can cause disruption in instruction, uncertainty with the student, and confusion which ultimately can impact safety.