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Cedar Mill Elementary School

10265 NW Cornell Rd
Portland, OR 97229
Telephone: (503)356-2050
Fax: (503)356-2055

Attendance: (503)356-2051

2013-2014 School Improvement Plan - Elementary
School Name: Cedar Mill Elementary School

SMART Goal: The OAKS median growth percentile in math will increase from 62 in 2013 to 68 in 2014 for all
students in grades 3-5. The OAKS median percentile in math will increase from 56 in 2013 to 60 in 2014 for
our students with disabilities.
Instructional Focus: All teachers will develop skills and strategies to support student learning in measurement.
Students will be able recognize attributes of two-dimensional regions, solve problems involving perimeters and
area, and connect area measure to an area model used to represent multiplication.

CCR Strategy 1: Inclusive Classrooms
In Learning Teams:
• Analyze student achievement data on formative math assessments to support achievement in math.
• Focus on language needs of our ELL students to support achievement in math.
• Focus on skill needs of our special education students to support achievement in math.
CCR Strategy 2: Standards-Based Learning System
In Learning Teams:
• Examine the math long term and supporting learning targets to provide a guaranteed and viable
curriculum across the grade level.
• Develop common assessments aligned to the District long-term or supporting learning targets in math.
• Identify opportunities to apply measurement across content areas.
CCR Strategy 3: Learning Teams
In Learning Teams:
• Focus the work on the math school improvement goal.
• Focus background knowledge and basic skills for our students receiving special education support.
• Collaborate to add math to our existing system of interventions.
Equity Collaboration Innovation Excellence