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Common Core State Standards

​Picture a second grade classroom.  Imagine the millions of things that second graders are interested in and could learn about.  What should the teacher choose to teach?  Should it match what other teachers in the same grade, in the same school teach?  Should it match what other teachers in the same grade, in the same district teach?  The state?  The nation?

These are questions that State Standards have tried to address for the last twenty years.  In the last five years, it was determined that most states' standards were similar...minor differences about which grade taught which standards was common.  But overall, most states had high expectations of what students needed to be able to do upon completion of high school.  Most states had worked backwards from high school standards to determine where students should be at each grade level to be "on target" for graduation. 

Common Core State Standards is the product of aligning the standards of many states into one common understanding of a successful K-12 education.  Oregon is one of 48 states that adopted the standards.  In our district, and in our school, we align our instruction with the standards in order to prepare our students for a successful middle school and high school experience.

The Parent Guides linked here are published by the Council of the Great City Schools, and are used by permission.

Common Core Parent Brief - English                      Spanish