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​Math is a STEM content area for good reason.  Graduates who can think mathematically (manipulate numerical information to solve problems) are in high demand in all technical fields.  Medical careers, engineering careers, etc. require strategic thinking, critical analysis, and pattern recognition for success. 

Our school's improvement plan targets closing the achievement gap in math.  Math is our main STEM area of focus.  In grades K-5, all students engage in the Rocket Math program.  This program is a structured method of learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  Your student should practice their Rocket Math every night for at least five minutes.  Additionally, some Kindergarten students are taking part in a math intervention designed by the University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning.  These students engage in a math program (Roots for Kindergarten) that will boost their core understandings of numeracy.

Most teachers are using a new Math teaching and learning resource called Engage NY.  It is an online math curriculum designed to align with each grade level's Common Core Math Standards.  This resource is used and improved by teachers all over the country, and it contains fabulous resources for parents and children to use at home.  Follow this link to view the site.

The Common Core State Standards in Math are linked here.

Math - Kindergarten English
Math - Grade 1EnglishSpanish
Math - Grade 2English  
Math - Grade 3English
Math - Grade 4 English 
Math - Grade 5English