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School Information

Cooper Mt. Elementary School sits on a prominent hill named after Perry Cooper. Cooper was born in Ohio in 1825 and was a pioneer of Oregon. He settled the slopes of the mountain in March, 1853. Pictures of the original Cooper Mt. School date back as far as 1904, at which time the school was located closer to Rigert Rd. The first building erected on the present-day site was built in 1914.

Cooper Mt. School 1904

Cooper Mt. School 1909

In 1997 the students at Cooper Mt. School created a large Tile Mural with original artwork honoring the history of Cooper Mt. School. Titled, "Cooper Mt. Now and Then", the mural was completed and dedicated to the school on May 1, 1997.

Students drew pictures of themselves dressed in 1990s fashion or 1890s fashion. They were also invited to draw flowers, trees, animals, the school, playground... anything they thought represented our area and community.

Each student from kindergarten through grade five painted at least one tile, and each tile was installed on the 9x12 foot mural. The mural now hangs in the hallway at the entrance of the school.