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To engage students in rigorous and joyful learning experiences that meet their individual needs and help them reach their full potential.


  • Be Safe ~ We will be free from harm of any kind.

  • Relationships ~ We will be kind, respectful, and cooperative with others.

  • Integrity ~ We will be dependable and trustworthy at all times.

  • Daily Effort ~ We will be present and ready to learn.

  • Goals ~ We will pursue a better future for ourselves and for our community.

  • Educate ~ We will take advantage of resources to advance our lifelong learning.

  • Successful ~ We will develop tools that infuse success in our academics and social lives.

BRIDGES ACADEMY provides services and curriculum to meet the needs of both special and general education students on an interim basis.  Small group instruction is provided by the BRIDGES staff onsite.  Students who are not able to attend school due to medical conditions are served through Home Instructors.  The duration of time students receive services through BRIDGES is determined on an individual basis.  Regardless of how long students are served through Bridges, our staff is committed to ensuring each students experience is as positive and productive as possible. The BRIDGES staff strives to assist students using strategies that promote academic, social, and emotional learning in a small setting.