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​​01.15.18 NEW!

Applications for Spring Term 2018 are now being accepted. All parts of the application must be submitted by noon on February 14th. Applications from previous terms are NOT moved forward into the new term's pool. All students who wish to be considered for admission must submit an application for the next term.

​​​​​​To be eligible​ for Early College students must:

  • Be 16 years old by the time classes start
  • Be a junior when classes start or a senior who will not be able to graduate with their class.
  • Live within the Beaverton School District or within a partner district - currently Hillsboro SD and Tigard-Tualatin SD
To apply to Early College 
  • Apply to PCC and get a G-Number
    • When applying for a G-Number, be sure to select 'CREDIT' rather than the '​PCC High School Dual Credit​' option. Counter intutitive, but ECHS students are considered full PCC students. This is a change from last year.
    • When selecting a term for the PCC enrollment select the current term even if it is different than the term you plan to begin with ECHS. 
    • Note that the citizenship and SSN questions are NOT required to enroll at PCC
    • You may find the following HOWTO Register for Dual Credit document helpful
    • You may find the following HOWTO Create a PCC Password document helpful
  • Prepare for the placement test​.
  • Take the PCC admissions exam​ (now the ALEKS and Accuplacer tests) and place into at minimum:
      • Math 60
      • Writing 115
      • Reading 115
    • You must take both the ALEKS (math) and Accuplacer (English) tests in a proctored setting at PCC.
    • ​Let the proctor know that you are applying to Early College HS and have the Onsite Math Testing Verification Form​​ signed by a Testing Center staff member​.
    • The Onsite Math Testing Verification Form is now a required upload to complete the application.​
  • ​​Read the Application Overview​​​ before starting the application online
  • Carefully review the Timeline for Admission
  • Download and print the following documents. If accepted, these forms will be collected at the mandatory Registration Meeting​.
  • Download and print the Request for Recommendation Form​​. Give this to your counselor or AVID elective teacher. Students not attending school may give the request to an adult not in the immediate family familiar with the student's educational history.
  • Submit an Early College application​ ​
  • Attend 2 mandatory events
    • Registration - this meeting is mandatory for new students and their parent/guardians. The goal of the meeting is to familiarize students with the PCC registration system.
    • Orientation​​ - this meeting is mandatory for new students. The goal of the meeting is to prepare the student for their first day of college.
    • Missing either of these events may result in the admission being deferred or canceled.