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​​​Life in college is quite different than life in high school. It is a big decision to come to Early College. It works very well for many students, but it is not for everyone. Consider the differences between the two environments before making the leap to college. Come to one of our Preview Days​ to learn more.

​High School​College
​Activities​Many activities and social events: prom, football games. Peers are omnipresent and readily accessible.​Social events exist but are less of a priority. Friends may not be seen every day if their class schedule doesn't match yours.
​ClassesTypically students take 8 classes at a time.​ At most schools, students may earn up to 7 credits in a year.​Students usually take 4 classes at time, though the classes meet for longer periods. Students typically earn 6 credits in a year.
​Homework​Students often tell us that they did okay in high school without doing much homework.​Homework isn't optional. College classes move at a faster pace. It is easy to get behind and then overwhelmed if a plan for doing homework and studying isn't established early in the term.
​Deadlines​Often negotiable.​Often inflexible. A paper due next Monday is due next Monday. There may not be many reminders. Extensions are not usually granted.
​Drama​In some social groups, high drama is the norm. Distracting behaviors may be tolerated in class.​Drama is not a thing at college. Students demonstrating poor behavior in class may be asked to leave and not given an option to return.
​Schedule​​Schedule is typcially very predictable.​​Schedule may vary considerably from day to day. Less time is spent in class, though classes tend to be longer. Student must manage time closely to allow for adequate study time outside of class.
​Responsibility​Students are learning to take responsibility for planning their schedule, managing their time, and completing their work. Checks and balances are often in place to intervene if student strays off course.​Students are assumed to have well-developed personal mangement skills. Students must avoid the tendency to procrastinate, stay on top of their projects and deadlines.
​Parents​Easy access to teachers and student records.​Student records are protected and not available without consent of student. Parents do not have access to instructors for updates and information.
Attendance​Parents notified by auto-dialer if student is not in class. Missing a class is often easy to make up.​​No daily notification of attendance is available. Missing even a single class can make it very difficult to keep up with class.