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​​Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply to Early College?
  • ​To be eligible for ECHS a student must live with in the Bearverton School District or a partner district, be 16 years of age at the time classes start, and meet the minimum placement test requirements. Juniors and seniors at least 2 credits off track for graduation may be admitted.
​What districts does ECHS partner with?
  • Currently, ECHS partners with the Hillsboro School and Tigard/Tualatin School Districts. Students interested in ECHS should contact their school counselor or district office.
​I've heard that ECHS only accepts students from certain backgrounds. Is that true?
  • ​No. ECHS accepts students from a wide variety of backgrounds, life experiences, financial situations, and ethnic groups. That said, ECHS actively reaches out to first generation students, students who are the first in their family to go to college, AVID students, students from under-represented groups, discouraged learners, and students from families who are worried about paying for college.
Can I still participate in sports, clubs, and activities at my home high school if I come to Early College?
  • Yes! Many ECHS still play varsity sports, attend school dances, and are active members in clubs. A current ECHS student is the president of her home school's Key Club for example.
What are the minimum placement scores to enter Early College?
  • ​ECHS students must place into Math 60, Reading 115, and Writing 115. Currently PCC uses the ALEKS test (math) and Accuplacer test (English). Refer to the PCC Placement Tests webpage​ for more details on the current test, testing locations, and times. The placement tests MUST be taken at a PCC Testing Center (not online.)
I didn't meet the minimum placement scores to be eligible. Am I out of luck?
  • ​​Not necessarily. Students may take the placement test twice. Often a little practice and study will improve a score. Students may also on their own take the prerequisites for Math 60, Reading 115, and Writing 115 and thereby become eligibile to apply. Math is often the stumbling block for students. By default, the math test starts at pre-algebra. Students may request the math test be started at algebra instead. Paradoxically, this seems to raise the score as students have taken an algebra class more recently than a basic math class.
Who pays for tuition?
  • ​The Beaverton School District pays the tuition for all Early College students. Students who are eligible for the Free/Reduced lunch program will have their book expenses covered and be given a Trimet bus pass as well. All students are responsible for any non-academic fees such as a parking pass or parking fines.

What do textbooks usually cost per term?
  • Paying for textbooks (for students not eligible for Free/Reduced lunch) is a signficant consideration. A typical term can cost around $250. Many students find less expensive textbook options by shopping online or by renting textbooks from sources like Amazon.
How do I apply?
I heard only Juniors can apply. Is that true?
  • No. Seniors who are not on track to graduate with their class may also apply.

I am a home schooled student. Can I apply?

  • ​Yes. Home schooled students who are at least 16 may apply even if they do not have an official transcript showing credits earned. Bear in mind that a home schooled student who does not have transfer credits on a transcript may not be able to earn sufficient dual credits to earn a high school diploma. However, they may still earn college credits toward a transfer or associates degree.
​How long may I be in Early College?
  • Students entering as juniors may participate in Early College for up to 6 terms. Seniors entering ECHS may participate until they have earned sufficient credits for a high school diploma or up to 6 terms, whichever comes first.
​​I've heard about the Oregon Promise program. Can I participate in Early College and then utilize the Oregon Promise program?
  • Oregon Promise is a new program whereby some students may receive support to attend community college after high school. While we are still learning about this program, it looks like ECHS students may be able to benefit from it to a small degree. Oregon Promise covers up to 90 credits at the community college. The credits ECHS students earn while in high school count toward that limit. Most ECHS students graduate with around 75 credits, so there may still some room to benefit from the program.
Do I really earn college credit while in high school?
  • Yes! ECHS students earn on average 75 credits that may be applied to an AA or transfer degree.
Is there a special Early College building for ECHS classes at PCC?
  • ​No. ECHS students are fully integrated in PCC classes with other college students. The average age of a student at PCC is 25.
This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?