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Elmonica students learn, advocate for, and practice safe and responsible use of  information and technology. They learn to respect self, others, and digital property. They use technology as a means to develop innovative products that reflect originality and self-expression.

Students learn how to use the keyboard correctly, work on research and understand their grade level learning targets through different resources on Student Source and other district approved websites.

We encourage students to use these resources at home to extend their learning:

​ABCya​ - fun site to learn

Bookshelf - books online
CoolMath​ - using your logic, critical thinking math games
Courtesy by CommonSense Media 
Dr. Seuss Official website of DrSeuss and the Cat in the Hat featuring games, printable activities, the complete illustrated character guide, and more.

Google Docs ​​- log-in on your Google docs 

Khan Academy learn about math, art, history, computer programming and more

Math Playground - more math games​

MobyMax - you need your username and password​

​​Student Source - BSD Student Source Play

Type Balloon​ - more practice typing

Typing Club​ - use your student number and password to practice typing​​