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                                                                                                      Scarlet Valentine Principal                           

                                                                                                       Errol Hassell Elementary 

                                                                                                       18100 SW Bany Rd Beaverton, Oregon 97007

                                                                                                       Office: 503.356.2090 FAX 503.356.2095   

                                                                                                         Attendance Line : 503-356-2091 



Dear Errol Hassell Families,

As September is just around the corner, I’d like to welcome families new to Errol Hassell and returning families to a new school year! It is a privilege for me to be part of the Errol Hassell community. The responsibility of educating Errol Hassell’s children is awesome, but partnering together we can meet this challenge with success for all students. I am looking forward to working with your family! Below you will learn about important information along with changes in our school.

Last year every school in the district received new phone numbers. The old phone numbers no longer are usable. Our new school phone numbers are:

                                                   New Telephone #: 503-356-2090 New Fax #: 503-356-2095
                                                   New Attendance Line #: 503-356-2091

Included with this letter is a “How I’m Going Home” form for you to fill out for your child about how they will get home after school. Please fill out this form and return it to your child’s teacher on the first day or better yet, at the Meet The Teacher event. It is important for us to know where each child should go after school. Make sure you go over this carefully with your child. Each child should be sure of his/her bus number or who will be there to pick-up after school. *If your child is a bus rider, it will help your child if they start riding the bus the very first day of school to get into the routine.

Teacher Notification - I will be notifying you of your child’s new teacher by mail this year. The information will be mailed on Monday, August 29th. If for some reason you do not receive it by Thursday, September 1st, please call the office.

REMIND is a text service that I will be using to share BREAKING school news. When buses are on snow routes, school is closed due to inclement weather, or as other news happens, a text will be sent to all who have signed up for the service. Text 971-252-4117 and in the body of the text message type: @ehf. You will get a response asking you to confirm your identity – reply with your first and last name.

This is a secure and confidential way for me to send you a text message (I don’t see your cell number and you don’t see mine). If you want to learn more, you can go to

If you already signed up for this service last year, you do not need to sign up again.

Errol Hassell Elementary 18100 SW Bany Rd Beaverton, Oregon Office: 503.356.2090 FAX 503.356.2095

Scarlet Valentine
Email: School Phone: 503-356-2090 School Fax: 503-356-2095

  • Meet The Teacher - I hope you’ll join us for the special opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, visit the classroom and drop off school supplies at the Meet The Teacher event on Friday, September 2nd between 8:00 and 9:00am. *This event is also a great time to sign in medication at the office.

    School Supply Lists - School supply lists for each grade level are available in the office and also posted on our school’s website: If you need help with supplies, please contact the office. If you would like to donate extra supplies for the office they are always appreciated (especially pencils, baby wipes and snack size plastic baggies)!

    First Day for Students in Grades 1st through 5th - School begins Tuesday, September 6th. 2

First Day for Students in Kindergarten – The Kindergarten students will be starting school on different days – half of the Kindergarten students will start school on Tuesday, September 6th and the other half of the Kindergarten students will start school on Wednesday, September 7th.

Only the Kindergarten students with a last name beginning with the letters A-K will go to school on Tuesday, September 6th - they do not go to school on Wednesday, September 7th.

Only the Kindergarten students with a last name beginning with the letters L-Z will go to school on Wednesday, September 7th – they do not go to school on Tuesday, September 6th.

*ALL Kindergarten students will go to school on Thursday, September 8th.

School Day - School is in session from 8:00am to 2:35pm daily. Students need to be in class and ready to learn by 8:00am. Students should plan on arriving between 7:35 and 8:00am. For students eating breakfast at school, it is served beginning at 7:35am. On the first day of school only, students may go to class at 7:45am. On all other school days students may go to the library, cafeteria or gym between 7:35 and 8:00 (on nice weather days the gym will be closed and students can go outside and play on the playground – students who do not want to go outside can go to either the library or cafeteria). At 8:00am a bell will ring indicating that students may go to their classrooms. If adults plan to wait with students before school begins, they need to check into the office and get a visitor or volunteer badge. Teachers have plan time or supervision duty until 8:00am so please make an appointment if you need to see them during this time.

Traveling to and from School - Perhaps the biggest challenge of the new school year is developing before and after school routines. These last weeks of summer are the perfect time to practice getting to and from school safely. Parents are encouraged to chaperone children at bus stops and on walks to school. Dismissal routines at 2:35pm are especially important as we have about 500 students all leaving school at the same time.

If your student will WALK home from school, summer is a good time to practice the safest route to and from school. We have crossing guards on 179th at Granada and on Bany Road in front of the school.

If your child will be PICKED UP BY PARENT OR DAYCARE, students will wait in the white safety box in front of the school. Students should look for their vehicle and alert staff members when their ride arrives. Drivers should remain at the wheel.

If your child RIDES THE BUS HOME, students will be sorted by bus number before leaving the classroom. They will walk in the bus line to the bus then follow the driver's directions. Students should know their bus number and where to get off the bus. Please note that at the end of the regular school day, bus drivers let students off at the bus stop even if an adult is not present so students should know which bus stop to get off at and how to get home from that bus stop.

Bus Schedules - Bus schedules will not be available until the week of August 29th. If you live in the transportation zone, we will mail your family a bus schedule once we get it. The transportation zone includes areas west of 185th, south of Rigert, north of Oak, and east of 170th. If you live close to the transportation zone, you can apply to have your child ride the bus to and from school. Request forms are available online.

Newsletter - Each month we will send home a newsletter telling you what’s happening at Errol Hassell. It will also be available on our school website: ​

New conference format this year: conferences will be in the evening only on Mar 1 However, conferences will be during the day & evening on Mar 2
There will be school for students on Mar 1, but no school for students on Mar 2 & Mar 3

Back-to-School Packet

The Back-to-School Packet contains important information about Errol Hassell School. Please fill out all necessary forms and return them to school as soon as possible. It will be available at the ​

Meet The Teacher event on Friday, September 2nd (if you are not able to attend, it will be sent home on the first day of school).

Health Room Information and Medication for Students

Parents must deliver any medication to school because children are not allowed to bring drugs or medicines onto school premises. A medication authorization form MUST be completed, signed by a parent or guardian, and brought to the school office. You may drop off medication any time during regular office hours. Even items like lotion and lip balm need to be checked into the office to prevent possible misuse or allergic reactions in the classroom. If you know your child will likely need over the counter medication like cough drops, lotion, lip balm, Benadryl or Tylenol, August 22nd through August 26th is the IDEAL time to drop it off since our office tends to get quite busy once staff return to school. When students come to the office when feeling icky, we have ice and bandages. If your child needs more, we’ll give you a call. We also call home for every head bump.

Our Health Room is also the place where students are able to get a change of clothing when needed. We have a limited supply so if your child has accidents, you might want to pack an extra set of clothes in their backpack and let your child know how to access them. Accidents are not uncommon during the first weeks of school. Sometimes learning is so exciting that younger students especially just forget to go to the restroom until it’s too late. One thing parents can do to help is make sure that kids can easily and independently get in and out of clothing. Sometimes the cute new outfits are a bit tricky. We are always happy to accept donations of pants or new underclothes for our Health Room.

Background Checks - Our students view every adult in the building as a staff member or volunteer. If you plan to volunteer in classrooms (or field trips), you will need to complete a Volunteer Background Check. Fall is a busy time and there is often a backlog so the earlier you complete the check, the sooner it will be processed. To complete the online background check, go to the Errol Hassell School Webpage ( or click on this link:

Errol Hassell Parent and Student Handbook - The Errol Hassell Parent and Student Handbook contains additional information about our school. If you would like a copy, please stop by the office and ask for a copy. Our wonderful secretaries – Sandy and Tracey – will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Errol Hassell is a wonderful learning community, with committed and highly qualified staff. At Errol Hassell students are exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum. In addition to academic learning, the staff at Errol Hassell are committed to fostering an environment that creates responsible citizens in our school and community. We are all anticipating a wonderful school year!

Scarlet Valentine Principal


Errol Hassell Elementary 18100 SW Bany Rd Beaverton, Oregon 97007 Office: 503.356.2090 FAX 503.356.2095