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Welcome to the Errol Hassell Elementary School Library  

About the Library

Volunteering Opportunities

The Errol Hassell Library is always looking for volunteers to help out with shelving books, processing new materials, and helping out with special projects throughout the school year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mrs. Plew by email, by phone (503-356-2090), or in person at the Errol Hassell Library.

Book Donations

The Errol Hassell Library is always looking for donations of new or gently used books to enhance our collection. Click here to see the book donation guidelines​, then see Mrs. Plew in the library if you would like to make a donation.

Check It Out!

Errol Hassell students visit the library to learn library skills, hear about great books to read, and to check out books. In addition to their class checkout time, students may visit the library to check out books any day of the week before, during (with teacher permission), or after school.

Check Out Limits

1st grade:         1 book
2nd grade:        2 books
3rd grade:        2 books
4th grade:        3 books
    (+ additional items for class projects)
5th grade:        3 books
    (+ additional items for class projects)

Check Out Period

The check out period for most books is 2 weeks. Popular books (i.e. graphic novels, -ology books, magazines, etc.) with high turnover have a check out period of 1 week. Books, however, may be renewed for longer periods. Grades 3 and up receive training at the beginning of the school year and can independently access their accounts and renew their books, if necessary.

Care and Responsibility

Here are some ideas on how to take care of your library books:
  • Designate a special spot to store your library books. (Pick a spot that little siblings can't get to.)
  • Wash your hands before reading.
  • Always put your book in its special spot after you get through reading.
  • Eating and reading don't mix.
  • Leave your library books at home. (Don't take the books to homes of friends or relatives.)
  • Use your backpack to transport your books. (Rain, puddles, and books don't mix.)
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