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​​​​​​​​​​​Volunteer Opportunities

Your time is the most valuable asset you can offer to the students at Errol Hassell.  Our community is fortunate to include individuals with a wide range of talents, knowledge and abilities.  Let's put your skills to use in our school!  Please consider involvement that will accommodate your schedule.  Described below are the school-wide events and activities that require support by dedicated and creative role models.

Please review the information below.  Most of the leadership positions for these activities are already filled, but we need a team of helpers to make every activity a success.  By marking activities that are of interest to you, you will be contacted by an Activity Leader during the activity’s planning stage, to answer any questions and to clarify what your role might be.

Thank you for considering any volunteer opportunity at Errol Hassell!
Art Literacy
six lessons

Volunteer would attend 1-hour group training session per lesson, and then present a 1-hour lesson to all students in a classroom at a later date.  The lesson presentation involves reading a script during a slideshow and assisting students making their art creations.  Volunteer would later display the students’ projects on the classroom bulletin board in the hallway.
Art Lit Training sessions: October 2nd, November 6th, January 8th, February 5th, April 2nd, and May 7th
 Training sessions Times are:  9:00am - 10:30am
Coordinator:  Jennifer Scott​

Book Fair

Volunteers are needed to assist selling books or supervise the sale during school hours.  Volunteers are also needed during after-school or evening hours when the Book Fair is open for family shopping.

Coordinator:  Sue Plew

May 18 (4-7pm)

Volunteers needed: 10 for set-up, 6 ticket shifts (2 volunteers x 3 one-hour shifts), 60 game shifts (20 games x 3 one-hour shifts), 18 attractions shifts (3 attractions x 2 volunteers x 3 one-hour shifts), 20 for clean-up, ticket runners, prize cashiers, face-painter, 20 for clean-up.  In all, we need to fill about 100 one-hour volunteer slots to make the Carnival a huge success.

Coordinator:  TBA 

Fifth Grade Activities
Year round fundraising
Spring Celebration

Volunteers needed to assist with autumn fundraiser and as chaperones during spring celebration activity(s).  Past celebration activities have included off-site field trips, on-site activities, class gift or service project during school hours.

  No Coordinators contact teachers  

Fun Run
PTO Main Fundraiser
Fun Run - Sep 21
All Day 

Volunteers needed for the PTO primary fundraising event: lap checkers, water stand, refreshment stand, pledge form processing, clean-up and MORE!

Coordinator: Jessica​                  

Library Support

Volunteers needed to support the various library operations throughout the school year: student check-out, book cataloging, book re-shelving, book repair, etc. Battle of the Books always need Volunteers

Coordinator: Sue Plew


Volunteers needed to photocopy, staple and distribute the weekly newsletter.  Weekly time required: 1~2 hours on Tuesday or Wednesday; the newsletter is distributed every Thursday.

Coordinator: Sandra Hilborn

Passport Club

Volunteers needed to help photocopy and distribute study maps.  Volunteers needed on Check Days between 10:45am and 1:15pm for student check-in, reviewing, passport checkers and stamp table.

Coordinator: Brittany Sharman​​

Picture Day
Oct 9
Nov 16​​

Volunteers needed to assist photographer set-up/clean-up and organize students to facilitate the photo-taking process during Picture Day and Picture Re-Take Day.

Coordinator:Jessica Miyake Glasby​​​

Science Fair
Apr 19
Evening 6:30PM-7:30PM

Dear Errol Hassell Students and Parents:

If you have questions about the Science Fair, please contact me -Katy Humble​​

Volunteers needed for project check in and gym setup the afternoon before the science fair, and to review student projects during the day of the science fair. Evening volunteers needed for supervision during the event and cleanup/tear-down after.

I am looking forward to working with you to make this a valuable learning experience for your child!


Katy Humble
Science Fair Coordinator

Vision Screening

Dec 12
Volunteers are needed to assist in basic Hearing and  vision screening.  Volunteers needed to guide students, administer exam and process forms.  Teams of paired volunteers work with each student to read an eye chart.  Students not passing the exam are referred to School Nurse.

Coordinator:Jessica Miyake Glasby​