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​Art Literacy

Art Literacy is a volunteer-driven, district-wide program of  Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE).  Throughout the school year, volunteers give classroom presentations which use a particular artist's work as a starting point to teach art history, art appreciation and criticism, vocabulary, and technique. We try to develop a more technical appreciation for how art is done, how it fits into its time, place, and concurrent events, and how and why a given piece of artwork evokes certain reactions. We reinforce the lesson with a hands-on project.  At the end of the school year volunteers prepare an art portfolio for students in their class that feature their work and information on each artist. 

The Art Literacy Program at Errol Hassell is a wonderful way for your child to travel back in the history of art in order to enhance their mind of the various places throughout the world that have inspired numerous artists. These aritists have used philosphy, history and culture to influence their work and we hope that this program encourages your child's imagination.