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​​​Welcome to Five Oaks!

We are all about Respect, Responsibility​, Safety, and Kindness

​​​Hard at Work

Five Oaks students and staff are working hard to improve all areas of their reading and writing skills​

The road to college and career success starts here.

We are working to give all students opportunity and empower them to post-high school success ​

Blazer Night

On November 7th, students and staff enjoyed a Blazer game! 

You are cordially invited to attend the Five Oaks 5th Grade Parent Night!

For More Information: ​​ Click Here​

 School Highlights

5th Grade Parent Night
Regular and Early Release Daily Schedules for 2017-2018 School Year
Early Relase Wednesdays Starts September 13th Students Released at 2:20PM
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Today All Day - Schools Closed/Holiday break (SC)
11/24/2017 11:59 PMYes11/22/2017 today - 11/22/2017
11/27/2017 All Day - RC Shadowing
11/27/2017 11:59 PM <br> Yes11/27/2017 today - 11/22/2017
11/27/2017 10:30 AM - Mark Kilmer
11/27/2017 12:30 PM <br> FOMS Central Meeting RoomNo11/27/2017 today - 11/22/2017
11/28/2017 All Day - RC Shadowing
11/28/2017 11:59 PM <br> Yes11/28/2017 today - 11/22/2017
11/27/2017 6:30 PM - Budget Meeting/Multiyear Finance Listening Session
11/27/2017 8:30 PMHighland Park Middle School (7000 SW Wilson Ave, Beaverton, OR, United States)No11/27/2017 today - 11/22/2017
11/29/2017 All Day - Early Release - students dismissed 90 minutes early
11/29/2017 11:59 PMYes11/29/2017 today - 11/22/2017
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