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Summer Office Hours 6/25 - 8/10: Monday - Thursday 8-2;​ Regular Office hours resume 8/13 Monday - Friday 7-3:30. 


Principal’s Message

Welcome to Health and Science School!

Health and Science (HS2) strives to create a community of students all preparing to be successful in college through the attainment of the skills of critical reading, critical writing, and critical thinking. Every course that we teach and our overall school structure works to accomplish this core part of our mission. While we have a focus on the medical and engineering fields through some of our coursework, we know that our mission is to prepare all students for college success in a wide variety of courses and eventual careers. Studies relating to twenty-first century skills show that successful ​college graduates and successful employees have the same basic skill set including digital literacy, inventiveness, communication skills, and the ability to produce high-quality results with real-world application. These, in sum, are the work of HS2 as an Expeditionary Learning school.​

We are proud of the work of our students, their accomplishments, and the school that they are helping us to create! Whether you are a current or potential student or family member, or an interested community partner, we welcome your interest in Health and Science and look forward to the work of our students as they mature into young adults.