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18640 NW Walker Road
Beaverton, OR 97006

Main Office: (503) 356-3630
Attendance: (503) 356-3631​​
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00-3:30​

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID started in California in the early 1980s.  Since then, it has expanded across the United States and around the world.  AVID is a college-readiness program that prepares students for college success their first day on campus.  AVID targets students in the academic middle; they are not straight "A" students, nor do they fail their classes.  AVID students are easily identifiable because they are determined students who want to succeed, but may need a little support focused on specific college readiness skills such as note-taking, test preparation, time management, etc. 

Who are AVID students?

AVID students are in 6th - 12th grade from the academic middle, and meet the following requirements:

  • GPA of 2.0-3.5
  • Average to high OAKS test scores
  • Have the drive/determination to be successful in school
  • Have great potential for success with added support
  • The student wants to be in AVID

See Mrs. Muggli's Website for more information about AVID. Click HERE​ to apply for AVID. Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due March 23, 2018