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​​​​Dual ​​Credit

Health and Science High School offers many classes that include both high school credit and the option for college credit at the same time.  In our Science Department, students have the ability to receive dual credit in Biology, Health, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Biomedical Innovations​, and Chemistry through our partnership with OIT. Pre-​calculus is offered thru PCC. Through the Portland State Challenge Link program we offer Spanish 201, 202 and 203, Calculus and Writing 121. These courses are taught by university qualified staff so we are also able to offer PSU credit to our students for a tuition fee that is substantially less than the cost of the same credits on the PSU main campus. Student enrollment as a PSU student also gives them access to additional services at PSU beyond what we are normally able to offer HS2 students at large. ​​

​While we believe that both AP and IB programs are fine programs to introduce students to the rigors of college expectations, at HS2 we choose to offer dual credit programs that take one additional step above AP and IB courses. Dual credit courses actually enroll students in college courses, hold them to the same expectation as all other college students, and provide opportunities for additional support within our high school environment (easier access to teachers, greater structure in their daily environment, and reduced college tuition for all students). ​

​Click h​​ere​ for a detailed description of our current offerings and instructions on how to register for each college​.