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​​​ISB Site Council

​According to Oregon's Educational Act for the 21st Century, (ORS 336.745, section 34), the duties of the school site council shall include but are not limited to:

• the improvement of its instructional program;
• the development and implementation of a plan to improve the professional growth and career opportunities of a school's staff; and
• the development, coordination and implementation of Oregon's Educational Act for the 21st Century at the school site.

According to this legislation, this committee must include:  teachers and classified employees elected by peers, the building administrator, and parents of students.  The site committee may also include community members and students. 

​At ISB, the Site Council members: 

- Oversee the School Improvement Plan 
- Work as a data team by analyzing school wide data
- Determine staff development and other school improvement efforts
- Problem solve curricular and other issues that ISB faces
- Commit to serve for 2 years

The time commitment per month is a minimum of 1-2 hours.​

ISB's Site Council for 2015-16 is yet to be determined.  ​If you are interested in serving in the International School of Beaverton's Site Council, please contact Scott Carey Gladney at​