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​ISB World Garden Vision and Plan

The ISB Site Council, with the help of a visionary task force of students, teachers, parents, and
staff, has formulated and adopted a master plan for the school’s inner courtyard – the ISB World Garden.

Our goal has been to create a coherent vision and a framework for engagement between staff, students, and
the community, where the ISB Areas of Interaction can be brought to life in a space that expresses our
commitment to Sustainability and Global Citizenship.

Our vision is that the ISB World Garden is the heart of our school; as such, it is a space that is instructional,
social, interactive, and symbolic. We want it to represent the best of who we are.

Our plan is a framework which provides spaces and context for projects and areas of interaction that can
engage and be implemented by our own community –students, advisory groups, clubs, parent volunteers,
and staff –over time.

Our expectation is that project proposals that fit our plan will be submitted to the ISB Site Council
for review and approval, and that project financing, whether through grants, donations, fundraisers, FRISB
contributions, or school district funds, will be administered through the ISB student body account.

The ISB World Garden is a safe, enclosed space and we want it to be used. However, there are physical,
regulatory, and supervisory constraints of which project groups and courtyard users should be cognizant.

PHASE I will be the grading and preparation of the entire courtyard for its structural foundation for walkways,
cobblestone areas, and bioswales.

PHASE II is envisioned as the development of the major focal points of the ISB World Garden – the gravel
walkways, an International Peace Pole, an Outdoor Lounge area, and a central cobblestone plaza. We hope to
see project proposals to make these areas a reality. This is your space; don't wait for someone else to
propose a project!

PHASE III is an invitation for student groups, community advisories, and classroom groups to propose projects
to fill in and use this space. The plan includes a list of opportunities and visions for this.

Read full document here:

ISB World Garden