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Library Redesign

Last fall a team of parents, students, and school staff began working together to redesign our library into a space that better meets the needs of 21st century learners and educators.  Supported by our site budget and a $15,000 community member donation to FRISB, we've begun implementing the changes prioritized by the committee.  By voting when they're in the library, students have been participating in decision making about the types of tables, chairs, and bookcase configurations that work best for them.  This summer we'll be seeking volunteers to help repaint the library and are converting the computer area to a fiction section with a quiet reading zone.  We've already created a dedicated teaching space but hope to add tables that allow more flexible seating.  To supplement our existing budget, Ms. Bailie has written a Donor's Choose grant that will allow individuals and companies across the country to support our library update. You can help by considering a donation and/or sharing this link ( to a Donor's Choose grant to your social media platforms.