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Meadow Park Middle School

2017-2018 SUPPLY LIST




PERSONAL SUPPLIES – Students should KEEP these supplies for use throughout the school year.

1 3-ring binder (3")

1 pen/pencil pouch, 3-hole punched

1 pkg. college-ruled filler paper

1 ruler

1 set of 8-tab dividers

4 highlighters (yellow, pink, green, & blue)

12-pack colored pencils

3 glue sticks

24 pencils (no. 2 – Ticonderoga preferred)

1 small pencil sharpener

1 eraser (pink)

1 pack small sticky notes

4 one-subject spiral notebooks

1 scientific calculator (not graphing)

   Recommended: TI-30X IIS (


Chromebook Supplies:    Insurance $20 – required for all students (purchase from school)

                                           Case for Chromebook (

Spanish:      300 3x5 index cards

PE:              Athletic wear required (Meadow Park PE shirt available for purchase from school)

Art:            white glue (4 oz. bottle)

Summa:       2 graph paper notebooks



COMMUNITY SUPPLIES – These items may be brought in on Eagle Day. Community Supplies will be available to teachers to use in the classroom and will be used to replenish some personal supplies throughout the year.

1 ream copy paper

disinfecting wipes

hand sanitizer

paper towels

ballpoint pens

1 pkg. college-ruled filler paper

24 pencils (no. 2 - Ticonderoga preferred)

4 boxes of Kleenex

RECOMMENDED SUPPLY DONATIONS – These items will be used to help those in need of supplies as well as to replenish supplies throughout the year.


3-ring binders (3")

pen/pencil pouches, 3-hole punched

spiral notebooks – college ruled

pencils (no. 2 - Ticonderoga preferred)

8-tab dividers

paper towels

small sticky notes

highlighters (yellow, pink, green, & blue)

erasers (pink)

glue sticks/white glue

3 x 5 index cards

12-pack colored pencils​​