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​​​​​7th Grade​

​​We are looking forward to an excellent year. Below are some key terms for students and families. 

Community Service: As an IB Middle Years Program candidate school, we hold a high regard for international mindedness and service. We encourage our students to contribute to the local and global communities. As part of their Meadow Park experience, we expect students to volunteer 10 hours and reflect on the experience. Students will learn more about this in their advisory class.

MYP Criteria: are subject-specific categories, which will be used to assess the MYP aims and objectives. The Beaverton School District (BSD) academic learning targets will fit into these criteria. 

BSD Academic Learning Targets: The learning targets show what students will be learning in each content area. They are designed to build upon student learning from grade level to grade level, and they are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The targets are consistent across all eight of the Beaverton middle schools. 

Rubrics: MYP rubrics will be used to measure student achievement on the MYP Criteria (and the BSD Learning Targets). They will help provide feedback to students and parents on what can be done to improve their mastery of learning. Rubrics are an excellent tool for communicating student achievement. 

Reporting of grades: As an MYP school, students will be graded with an MYP rubric. These use a scale of 8 points. 

8-7 = Highly Proficient
6-5 = Proficient
4-3 = Nearly Proficient
2-1= Working Towards Proficiency

Marks will be based on the assessment of student performance on a range of tasks (for example: projects, presentations, tests, speeches, discussion, and displays.) Behavior and Academic marks will be reported separately. 

Personal Management/Behavior Learning Targets: Student skills are as important to success as academic marks. The following three targets will be used throughout the district to support student learning and achievement. These marks will be reported separately from academic marks.
Manage Responsibilities: I can manage my responsibilities as a student. 
Self-Directed Learning: I can self-direct my learning.
Classroom Interactions: I can communicate and work effectively within a team or group.​