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PE Syllabus 2017-18.pdf​​

Welcome to PE and Health at Meadow Park!  We will be learning more about being healthy, moving the body, and working with others.  The PE/Health Syllabus Document contains information about: activity, learning, and assessing student achievement.  Also, the syllabus will go over how information will be communicated, determined, and reported, both behaviorally and academically.  



Our best line of communication is working directly with parents and students.  Student academic progress is most easily accessed through the ParentVue app.  Please contact your student's teacher directly with any questions or concerns you might have using the provided contact information provided in the margin area.  Also, PE/Health will send out emails occasionally to inform you about activities in class, or about clarifications regarding assessments, progress, and grades.  Please make sure to check your mail.



This year, all Meadow Park students are being asked to bring many things to school.  A binder is something all students should have (at least one).  Students are expected to bring their binder and Chromebooks to school EVERY DAY.  However, they are not necessary in PE unless teacher-directed, and should remain in the student's regular locker.  The exception is Health Class, where a binder is necessary and vital for organization and reported as part of the behavior targets on progress reports under self-management. Chromebooks should also be brought to Health.  Binders should contain the following:

• a pouch containing pencils and pens (blue and black ink)

• highlighters (multiples colors for note-taking and color coding)

• lined paper

• binder dividers that mark and separate each class

PE/Health Students also need to have the following:

• School PE T-Shirt, Athletic bottoms (your choice), and appropriate athletic footwear

• a tab or folder for Health classwork

• spiral notebook and writing utensil is needed for Health Class   


Classroom Policies

All students in the locker rooms, gyms, hallways, and playing fields are expected to exhibit PARK. Good behavior creates a safe environment and helps activities run more efficiently.  The PARK expectations are MP's core values and are easy to remember.

 Positive – Ensure an environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted    

 Aware – Be safe in all areas, locker room, gyms, fields, and with equipment

 Responsible – Be on time, dressed down, ready to participate, work hard, and learn

 Kind – Respect the teachers, classmates, gym facilities, and equipment


Behavior  Assessments  include classwork and homework, goal setting, and participation in class and group work.  Student skills are as important to success as academic marks. 

The following three targets will be used throughout the district to support student learning and achievement.   These marks will be reported separately from academic marks.

BLT1 - Manage Responsibilities: I can manage my responsibilities as a student.

BLT2 - Self-Directed Learning: I can self-direct my learning.

BLT3 - Classroom Interactions: I can communicate and work effectively within a team or group.


The scale used to assess Behavior Learning Targets is:

  • C/I= Consistently/ Independently   the expected behavior is demonstrated consistently and independently by the student
  • G= Generally  the expected behavior is usually demonstrated by the student. Sometimes they need reminders, but when prompted, the student corrects their behavior.
  • R= Rarely Improvement is needed in the expected behavior. The students does not demonstrate the expected behavior, or needs frequent reminders or re-teaching to demonstrate the behavior.


Long Term Academic Targets for PE/Health:

Beaverton School District has developed year-long academic learning targets, which are aligned with Common Core standards. These targets are consistent across all Beaverton middle schools. These will be assessed through MYP criteria.


This criteria...Will help you learn how to...Assessed with the following tasks...

Criterion A

Knowing and Understanding


Describe Health and Physical Education factual, procedural and conceptual knowledge, mostly during Health.

Written assignments, small group

projects, individual projects,

quizzes, role plays, and tests

Criterion B

Planning for Performance


Design and explain a plan for improving health or physical performance and explain its effectiveness after performing it.

Written plans and small

group projects

Criterion C

Applying and Performing


Demonstrate a range of skills and techniques, strategies, and movement concepts and apply information to perform effectively.

Fundamental skills, game play

strategies, and tactics


Criterion D

Reflecting and Improving Performance

Enhance interpersonal skills, outline goals and apply strategies to enhance performance, and explain and evaluate your performance.

Journals, written reflections,  and

goal setting


Assessment of Learning. Meadow Park uses the Standards Based Learning System of the Beaverton School District. The key elements of this system are:


• Clear learning targets in all content areas at each grade level

• All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to learning targets

• Consistent scoring guides (rubrics) to determine a student's level of learning

• Use of formative assessment practices

• Focus on student growth

• Regular reporting of progress on significant skills & knowledge placing the highest value on teacher judgment and expertise


Assessment/ Grading Policies

The purpose of grading is to communicate with students and parents how well the student is performing. Students need feedback that will help them be successful learners in high school and beyond.  This feedback will be communicated using the District's learning targets.


 As an MYP school, students will be graded with an MYP rubric on a scale of 8 points.




Nearly Proficient




Highly Proficient

Beginning understanding of  the topic, often minimal response, needs substantial correction or completion.Work demonstrations partial understanding.  Work may have small errors, lack detail or missing key portions of the standard.  Work that consistently meets the standard and shows students has thorough understanding of the topic .Strong work that shows the student has a thorough understanding of the topic and could apply it to an unknown situation.


On both Academic and Behavior Learning Targets I will be collecting evidence through my observations of your child in class, as well as the work they submit for assessment. I will make Summary Judgments on each Academic and Behavior Learning Target we cover in class.  Summary Judgments provide useful information for determining your child's strengths, and areas where improvement is needed.



There are four reporting periods throughout the school year on academic performance via progress reports and report cards.  There are two parent conferences, one in the fall and one in the spring. 



1. Physical Education T-shirt - Must be purchased online or from front office for $5 each and should not be modified in any way.   This is MANDATORY PE uniform.


2.  You are required to change into athletic shorts or athletic pants that are DIFFERENT from the clothes you wore to school that day and all clothing worn should be marked with your name to prevent loss and confusion. 


3.  Athletic shoes ONLY.  Only bring shoes that lace up and have non-marking soles. All other footwear is UNACCEPTABLE.  This includes: platform, slip-on, sandal style shoes or other. 


Non-Dress Policy:

Changing into PE clothes is an important aspect of the BSD Learning Targets. Continued non-dress will result in a lower score in your overall class grade. Please discuss special circumstances with your PE teacher.


Please bring a roll-on or stick deodorant to keep at school in your locker.


ABSOLUTELY NO aerosol spray deodorants or body sprays (pressurized)!!



WILL my belongings be safe?  Teachers try very hard to help, but you are responsible to help. 


1.  Each student is assigned (loaned) the following:

     a.  A numbered locker to keep PE clothes         

     b.  A combination lock to use on the PE locker.

      •  Do not remove your lock from the locker room.
      • Text Box: Keep your combo safe

         Replacement fee for lost or damaged locks is $6.00. 

      •  Report a misplaced lock immediately to an instructor in the

                    locker room and to your teacher.

             c.  Look in the wire basket for missing locks before asking your teacher.



        2.  Students are responsible for their own belongings.
  • DO NOT share your combination with ANYONE.
  • Make sure all valuables are locked inside your locker when you go to the gym.
  • Do not allow anyone to keep their belongings inside your locker.
  • Make sure all PE clothing is marked with your name according to the requirements.
  • Do not borrow from or loan your clothes to others.
  • Do not ask your teacher to hold items for you in class.
  • Always double check to see that all of your PE clothes are in your locker and
    • that your LOCK is LOCKED whenever you leave the locker room. 
  • A lost and found will be kept in each locker room.  Check immediately after losing
    • clothes or a valuable. Check back periodically. 
  • If you leave your PE clothes at home, it is your responsibility to let your teacher know. 
  • The use of half lockers is allowed during your PE class only. Please remove the lock
    • after your class is over put it back on your regular small locker.


      3. Treat people and the environment with respect
  • No yelling and banging on lockers
  • No running or climbing in the locker room
  • Gum is not allowed in the locker room or in PE class. 
  • Food and water must also remain out of the gym. (This includes all before and after school activities) 
  • All personal belongings need to be left in the lockersNo backpacks, coats, lunch boxes, iPods, cell phones, etc. should be brought into the locker room or gym. These items SHOULD BE LEFT IN YOUR MAIN HALL LOCKER.

  1. Safety First, Last, and Always! Since keeping active is so important for your well-being, we will point out and practice SAFETY in everything we do. We all need to use common sense in all aspects of life in regards to safety. PE participation is something you should ENJOY
  • Safe use of equipment and interaction with classmates
  • Use of appropriate language and respectful treatment of others.
  • Never be in any game area without an instructor present. 


    2.  Fitness - you will learn the meaning and application of the FITT principles:

    Frequency – how often you work out

    Intensity – how hard you work out

    Time – how long you work out

    Type – Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Flexibility

    *  Fitness testing will be done 2 times per year in Cardiovascular Endurance (PACER run),   

        Muscular Strength (Push-ups), Muscular Endurance (Curl-ups) and Flexibility (Sit and Reach).

    3.  Lifetime movement activities

    You will learn and practice skills and strategies needed for familiar and different sports, games, and activities.  (Maybe you are good at something and don't know it yet). 


    4.  Respect for the differences and capabilities of others

    Our "no put-downs" policy will permit you to watch and learn from your fellow classmates. We have different levels of ability in our classes and will work to teach at all levels.  Your teachers will strive to take you from wherever you start to a higher level of proficiency in each sport or activity. You will be assessed based on how you perform compared to the rubrics and on personal improvement during each unit.


    ILLNESS: If you are in school, you are expected to participate. Talk with your teacher about your level of activity for the day. Your teacher with work with you to modify the day's work to an appropriate level.  You may perform according to how you feel. This is also the case if you are returning to school after an illness. (Please don't bring a note from home on a day when you feel sick or after an illness asking that you be excused from participating in PE).


    ABSENCE: Attendance is a reflection of your engagement in physical education.  Make-up work is expected if you are absent.  Please ask about make-up work from your teacher – this is your responsibility.


    1.  If an absence is unexcused (skipping), the day cannot be made up.

    2.  If you are absent from class due to a school sponsored activity, illness, or appointment,  a make-up sheet or fitness log will satisfy the activity portion of your grade.   

    3.  In the case of a long-term injury (3 or more school days), a doctor's note is required that states what the physical limitations are and when you can return to full activity.  Students should see their teacher for their long-term make-up assignment. (ex: a family trip will need to be made up).

    4.  If you are injured but haven't seen a doctor you must have a note from a parent or guardian asking that you be excused from participating in physical activity.


    INJURY: Please report all injuries immediately to the instructor, whether you feel it is serious or not.  A Doctor's note is required if you see a doctor. A doctor's note is also required if you are unable to participate for more than 3 consecutive PE days. A parent note is valid for up to 3 PE classes, or a maximum of 1 week.


    * Doctor Notes: Must include a time frame or follow-up time and list any restrictions.


    * REPORT damaged and/or unsafe equipment to your teacher.


    Please leave all equipment alone until an instructor is present to give instruction and/or permission to use it.


ANY questions? Please Ask!  All teachers are here to help you with a question or problem. ​

Mrs. Jenny Aristo

Email: jennifer_aristo@

Mr. Dan Santos

Email: daniel_santos@

Mr. Wes Showalter

Email: wesley_showalter@​