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Performing Arts

A: Knowledge and Understanding
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the art form studied in relation to some aspects of societal, cultural, historical or personal contexts
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of some elements of the art form studied, including some specialized language, concepts and processes
  • Demonstrate an informed opinion of the art form studied in the context of their own artwork.

​B: Application
  • Articulate an idea, theme or personal interpretation to a point of realization
  • Develop skills and apply the techniques and processes i​nvolved in creating, performing and/or presenting art.

C: Reflection and evaluation
  • Give an informed description of the progress they have made so far and identify strategies to develop and improve their artistic processes
  • Evaluate their work
  • Consider feedback when identifying strategies to develop and improve.

​D: Personal engagement
  • Show commitment in using their own artistic processes
  • Demonstrate curiosity, self-motivation, initiative and a willingness to take informed risks
  • Support, encourage and work with their peers in a positive way
  • Be receptive to the various ways in which art practices and artworks present themselves from culture to culture.