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​Visual Arts​

The mission of the art department is to inspire students to use the visual arts as a way to solve important and complex design problems. We will learn how to be creative thinkers who are able to take risks, think critically, problem solve, generate innovative ideas and work collaboratively.

All grade levels will participate in specific Units in order to establish and strengthen the foundations of creative problem solving through art. Below you will see a sample of units and projects explored in all grades. 


Unit 1 The Design cycle: How might we find solutions to the challenges we face?

  • Sketchbook cover design
  • Design cycle sketches

Unit 2 Community Art: How might we use art to create a positive learning environment in our school?

  • Inspirational Posters
  • 3-D letters
  • Typography/Calligraphy

Unit 3 Portraits: How can I design a portrait that represents the personalities at Meadow Park middle school?

  • Figure drawing
  • Portrait drawing
  • Proportions of the face and figure.
  • Superheroes & Shields

Unit 4 World Art: How might we design an event that celebrates our community's diverse cultures?

  • World art
  • Mask making
  • Paper Mache Sculpture
  • Paper folding

Unit 5 My Daily life: How can we communicate our personal stories through art? How can I design a project that represents my daily life?

  • Still Life
  • Comic Strips
  • Pop Art/Street Art

Unit 6 Landscape/Cityscape: How can I design a landscape or cityscape that addresses concerns about our environment?

  • Surrealism
  • Village design
  • Landscapes

Unit 7 Art History: How has society changed over time?

  • Compare & Contrast
  • Time-Line
  • IB Learner Profiles in art

Unit 8 Initiating Change: How can art initiate change?

  • Recycled Art
  • Fiber Arts
  • Public and Media Arts


Classroom Expectations: 

  • Students are expected to walk into the classroom ready to learn and participate in daily routines, academic activities, and behavior goals. 
  • Students will chart their academic progress on a scoring worksheet to establish their strengths and areas in need of improvement. 
  • Students will gain an understanding of art terms and concepts and demonstrate their knowledge through works of art, written reflections, and critiques recorde in their developmental workbook.
  • Students will apply specific arts skills and techniques in drawing, painting and sculpting projects.
  • Students will create works of art that express personal preferences and historical and cultural connections.