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​​Merlo Station High School is a small, non-traditional high school in the Beaverton School District. It is designed for students who want the support of a small community of teachers and students. Many of the students who attend Merlo Station High School do not feel like they “fit in” at a mainstream high school. They want to do well in school, but need support in building academic skills and habits, and dealing with issues that distract them from learning. Merlo Station High School is designed to help students take responsibility for their learning and their lives.

Merlo Station High School Mission
Merlo Station High School empowers students to claim responsibility for their wellness and academic success in partnership with caring and competent staff.

Community School Vision Statement
Every student graduates from Merlo Station High School as a knowledgeable and confident lifelong learner.


  • Continuing Education for Young Parents (CEYP)
  • Passages

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State School ​Report Card - Principal's Note

Merlo Station High School - 2016-17
          - Spanish

Rating Detail Sheet

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