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​​​Parent Involvement Policy

In acknowledgment of much reliable research supporting the fact that parental involvement raises the academic achievement of students, the staff at Merlo Station Community School encourages involvement of parents through:

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences.
  • Attending school events and activities.
  • Making sure their children are in school every day, ready to work and ready to learn.
  • Making sure their children are completing work, respecting teachers, and understanding how education can be directly responsible for a better life. 

In order to build an even more effective home-school partnership, Merlo Station Community School will provide the following:

1. An annual meeting ("Back to School Night") to which all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. A portion of the meeting will be used to inform parents of the school's participation in the Title I program. The school will explain its requirements and the parents' right to be involved.

2. A flexible number of meetings and communications throughout the year to improve parents' understanding of academic standards and how assessments are used to measure students' development.

3. Flexible scheduling of meetings and conferences to accommodate the needs of parents.

4. Regular and timely communication to assist parents in understanding how they can promote the education of their children at home. Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format that is free of educational jargon and easily understood by all.

5. A school-parent agreement (compact) designed by parents and school staff that outlines how parents, school staff and students share the responsibility for improving learning.

6. A survey of all parents every other year to collect opinions and concerns about the current program and to collect suggestions for school improvement.

7. At least one scheduled parent conference where the progress of students will be discussed as well as expectations for the grade level, school curriculum, test information, and any other concerns that the teacher or parents may have. 

Parents and community members are always welcome at Merlo Station Community​ School. Please be sure to check in at the office.