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100% Club

​Students who earn 100% of their points, and have missed no more than 3 days of school, in all their classes for three (3) consecutive Sessions become members of the 100% Club. This entitles them to carry Orange Cards in place of Blue Cards, as well as earning special field trips, such as a Blazers game, a live theater performance or a movie.

Students in the 100% Club remain in good standing by continuing to earn 100% of their points in every class each Session, which allows them to continue participating in the special field trips. If something should happen and a 100% Club student fails to earn 100% of their points in a Session, they are dropped from the Club; however, they can rejoin the Club as soon as they complete a Session with 100% of their points and no more than 3 absences.

Students who earn 100% of their points in a Session are recognized in an all-school Assembly at the beginning of the following Session, or the last week of school in the 6th Session.

Gold Card

Students in the 100% Club who complete a Session with perfect attendance (no absences in any class) ​will be entitled to carry a Gold Card in place of the Orange and Blue Cards.​