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Dear Parents and Students,

It is a pleasure to be part of the Montclair community! The reputation that Montclair
holds within the Beaverton School District is one of high achievement bound by the
dedication of its families and staff. I’m happy to take part in this commitment and serve

My vision of shared leadership encompasses supporting all students in their quest for
knowledge, working with families to support the academic, social and emotional skills
each child needs to be successful, and supporting staff in their professional development
so they can engage and tailor their instruction to fit the needs of each child. I know
Montclair’s staff is also dedicated to the development of all students, and the rich and
learned environments they create value equity, respect and safety.

Parent partnerships and volunteer work make Montclair the haven of transparent,
equitable practices. It is our goal to embrace the knowledge each family brings to their
child’s development and the diversity incorporated into our school culture. We value
your contributions and effort that make Montclair a premier 21st century school. We
invite all parents to take part in this quest, to make sure that our community is the very
best learning environment that we can possibly provide. Please take a moment to share
the Parent Student Handbook, found on the Montclair website, with your child/children
and feel free to contact the school with any questions the handbook does not provide.
Montclair’s objective is to provide students the building blocks that are needed to be
competent in their daily challenges, as well as prepare them for a future as continual
learners. Montclair strives to:

• To provide a safe and secure learning environment
• To provide success for ALL students
• To prepare students for further work and study
• To prepare students to become responsible citizens
• To maintain a highly committed and qualified staff

A commitment to excellence in education takes on many facets of development, from
building relationships to preparing students to take flight into the real world, but the
overall outcome should be the development of individuals that enjoy learning and
embrace a collective responsibility for our future. Come dream, believe and achieve with

Sean Leverty,
Montclair Principal