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Montclair PTO Website​​ (link)

Montclair Parent Teacher PTO Board/Email:

The Montclair Parent Teacher Organization exists to promote and enhance the educational
opportunities at Montclair through educational, fundraising, social and community activities and
programs. All parents of Montclair students are automatically voting members of the PTO. The PTO
meets in the Library/Media Center once a month at 7:00 PM. Meeting dates will be published in both
the school calendar and the weekly Hawkeye newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions
about PTO programs, please call one of the officers or check Web:

2016-2017 Board

President:                           Mike Pringle                503-432-8661

Vice President:                  Robynn Schillace         503-781-6303

Treasurer:                           Kelley Stine                  503-863-0559

Secretary:                           Peter James                 503-367-0796

Volunteer Coordinators:   Amy Nokes                  503-735-1122

                                                     Abe Martinez

Community Partnership Teams (CPT):

The Community Partnership Team consists of the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) and the
Site Council, which were historically two independent committees that merged 2014-15 school year.
The Montclair CPT is made up of community and staff members representing the school attendance
community. Centralized focus for the CPT is around building networks and connections between the
community and the school. Committee members have made a commitment to becoming well
informed on issues affecting our local schools, our community and the District as a whole. They work
cooperatively with the Montclair staff and community, attending to various needs, such as building
use, building community involvement, and having a collective voice in the direction of school related

The CPT meets at 8:40 AM in the Principal’s office. Meeting dates will be published in both the school
calendar and the weekly Hawkeye newsletter. Watch the newsletter for agenda items and please call
us with concerns or topics you want to discuss.

We encourage anyone interested in serving on the CPT to contact the school principal.

Matt Turner 503-245-2468

Wendy Pringle 503-789-0610

Kyle Piper-Smyer 503-356-2190

Jo Fidler 503-356-2190

Future Ready Committee:

The Future Ready Committee consists of parents, community members and staff coming together to
collaborate on building global thinkers and responsible digital citizens for future advancement in
society. Our goal is to develop and provide technology based programming, information analysis
opportunities and resources that benefit students’ college and career readiness, as well as help them
navigate the ever-changing global community. The Library Information Technology Teacher (LITT)
facilitates monthly meetings to bridge community and school collaboration. Meeting dates will be
published in both the school calendar and the weekly Hawkeye newsletter.

Position 1 Jo Fidler, LITT
Position 2 Colleen Kellogg
Position 3 Amy Grey
Position 4 Kelly Fitzsimons
Position 5 Chad Layman
Position 6 Kelly Layman
Position 7 Peter James
Position 8 John Simpson

Art Literacy

Wendy Pringle     503-789-0610

Dana Bradshaw   503-245-4234

Tara Hipps            503-246-8651

Kelley Stine          503-863-0559