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​​​College and Career Track


College Track is geared toward students interested in an associate's degree or beyond who may benefit from guidance and support prior to that experience. College Track offers BSD students a chance to explore Portland Community College through a preparatory cohort model.

Career Track is geared toward students interested in pursuing one of the many career pathway certification programs at Portland Community College. Students benefit from guidance and support prior to the PCC experience. Career Track prepares students to pursue their career interests and plan how to complete their high school credentials, whether that is earning their GED or finishing their high school diploma.

How It Works

Students begin by participating in a Portland Community College Dual Credit CG100 (College Success & Survival) or CG130 (Today's Careers) college prep class. Both are taught on site at Merlo Station High School. Upon successful completion of their 11-week college prep class, students enroll in one class at PCC. The College Track teacher mentors each cohort through their PCC classes.​​

Intended Outcome

Successful students:

  1. Complete 12 credits at Portland Community College.
  2. Map out their post-secondary study.
  3. Work toward completion of Math 60 and Reading/Writing 115 at PCC so they are eligible for Early College --or --
  4. Complete their high school diploma or GED and prepare to continue on to their post-secondary studies.

How to Access College and Career Track

The home high school counselor recommends students. Students attend an information session. Those who are interested need to complete an APPLICATION​ and essays, and turn in all forms to their home high school counselor to submit to College and Career Track.