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GED Transition


GED Transition screens BSD students who wish to pursue their GED through Portland Community College in order to determine their readiness.

How It Works

Students take a series of GED pretests to determine if they are within one school year of completing their GED. Eligible students continue on to Portland Community College GED Prep. Prior to admission to PCC, students work with the GED Transition teacher to outline their post-secondary career plans. Students may continue to access their home high school for additional support through standard class offerings prior to their PCC start date.

Once students complete their GED at PCC, they are eligible to continue their education at PCC for up to one year subsidized by BSD and with GED Transition support (Continued Education Option).

Intended Outcome

Successful students:

  1. Complete their GED through PCC.
  2. Participate in a CG130 dual credit class on-site at Merlo Station to help identify and outline their post-GED studies and career options.
  3. Participate in the Passages Continued Education Option (CEO) post-GED​.

How to Access GED Transition

Home high school counselors meet with interested students and their parents to determine if the GED might be a viable option. If all parties agree, the student and counselor submit an APPLIC​ATION​ for GED Transition support.