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OYCP Transition


The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program (OYCP)​ is a residential alternative school where cadets (students) live on site for 5-1/2 months while attending a military model school. This period is followed by a mandatory 12-month mentoring phase in their home community. BSD is the only district in the State of Oregon that is in partnership with the OYCP staff to begin the transition phase while the cadets are still attending OYCP.

How It Works

Passages staff members ensure that BSD student cadets:

  • Align their BSD transcript to OYCP class offerings in order to target the core subjects they need for graduation.
  • Identify state testing needs while they at OYCP.
  • Explore post-secondary options.

Passages staff members visit OYCP cadets in their third month of residency to coordinate their return to the district. This includes:

  • Forecasting credit needs upon their return to the district.
  • Helping cadets choose their education completion option.
  • Introducing cadets to Portland Community College career and degree pathways.
  • Organizing volunteer opportunities required by their 12-month post-OYCP phase.

Upon a cadet's return to the district, Passages staff members continue coordinating with the student and counselor to ease the student back into the district and support their graduation plan.

Intended Outcome

A successful OYCP cadet returns to the district with:

  1. Graduation plan.
  2. Post-secondary plan.
  3. Volunteer and/or employment opportunities.
  4. 12-month support system that includes the cadet's OYCP mentor, Passages contact and home high school counselor.

How to Access OYCP Transition

BSD students apply to OYCP through their home high school counselor (or through the Passages Interval Session). Once they have begun OYCP, they are part of the OYCP Transition with Passages.