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​Interval Sessions


Interval sessions are a diagnostic/prescriptive model, focusing on the most significant barriers while simultaneously enabling students to reflect on what is valuable to them and aligning those values with a comprehensive strategy for success.

Addressing the three BIG barriers our at-risk students face:

Barrier 1: Academic Concerns

The Fix:
  1. Diagnostic screening to identify areas in core subjects that need improvement.
  2. Reconnect students to successful learning by bolstering core skills.
  3. Sessions based on individualized instruction.

Barrier 2: Unidentified Academic Path

Students are unsure of how to access alternative academic routes to success.

The Fix:

  1. Students research academic options to create a pathway that best fits both their interests and their post high school plans.
  2. Students create a comprehensive plan that takes them beyond high school completion and on to post-secondary training and/or education.

Barrier 3: Internal and External Factors, for example:

Drug and Alcohol issues
Negative Peer Relationships
School Avoidance Behaviors

The Fix:

  1. Match support within and outside of BSD with identified risks of students.
  2. Collaborate between various resources to meet the needs of students and families.

Intended Outcome

Successful students remain in Passages for 6-8 weeks, on average, prior to moving on to their chosen academic path. Students in the program work with the teacher to complete required coursework while improving attendance, academic achievement, and developing a positive commitment to being a motivated and successful learner.

How to Access Interval Sessions

The home high school counselor recommends students. Students complete an APPLICATION​​ and turn it in, with all required forms, to their home high school counselor to submit to Passages.​​​