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4125 NW 185th Ave
Portland, OR 97229
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Our Rocket Run raised over $30,000 for Rock Creek Elementary! This is our biggest fundraising event of the year. We do not ask for money for things like field trips, class parties and funds for the teachers to use on extra supplies and enrichment activities for their classrooms. This fundraiser is where that money comes from.
Thank you Rock Creek Community!!

What a fun afternoon!  Pack 641 happily took advantage of a sun break this past Sunday, and got their hands dirty beautifying Rock Creek.  The Scouts planted new bulbs, and the boys were careful to not disturb existing bulbs.  It was a perfect opportunity to learn some basic biology while providing a service to our school.  Thanks for the opportunity!  We look forward to the blooms.

Pack 641

Rock Creek Elementary School is a community on a mission to develop compassionate, responsible, lifelong learners.  We strive to cultivate thinking, and inquiry that empowers students to engage in a changing world.

1st Grade presented a PYP Culture Around the World Assembly​

​Dr. Seuss Day- 3rd Grade Truffula Trees

Rock Creek Elementary School is a candidate school* for the PYP. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy- a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students. * Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme (DP), or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes visit"

To protect public education and support all students, teachers at Rock Creek are participating in Red for Ed.

 School Highlights

 Upcoming Events

Today All Day - Early Release - Students dismissed 90 minutes early
11/14/2018 11:59 PMYes11/14/2018 today - 11/14/2018
Today 6:00 PM - PTC Meeting-Library
11/14/2018 7:30 PMNo11/14/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/15/2018 12:30 PM - R.C. at Westview Play
11/15/2018 2:30 PM <br> No11/15/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/15/2018 3:00 PM - Choir Practice
11/15/2018 3:45 PM Choir practice for 4th &amp; 5th grade students that have registered with Mr. Gonzalez<br> No11/15/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/19/2018 3:00 PM - Choir Practice
11/19/2018 3:45 PM Choir practice for 4th &amp; 5th students that are registered thru Mr. Gonzalez<br> No11/19/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/21/2018 All Day - School Closed due to Holiday Break (SC)
11/23/2018 11:59 PMYes11/21/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/26/2018 3:00 PM - Choir Practice
11/26/2018 3:45 PM Choir practice for 4th &amp; 5th students that are registered thru Mr. Gonzalez<br> No11/26/2018 today - 11/14/2018
11/28/2018 All Day - Early Release - Students dismissed 90 minutes early
11/28/2018 11:59 PMYes11/28/2018 today - 11/14/2018
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