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Volunteering at Rock Creek-How Do You Get Started?

Volunteers play a vital role in meeting the individual needs of many youngsters, assisting in the media center, classrooms and resource room. No experience is required, just a willingness to help and a desire to do what is best for students.

If you want to become a parent volunteer at Rock Creek School, or join our Parent-Teacher Club, contact our Volunteer Coordinators at  Let them know you want to help and how much time you have available to volunteer. If you do not have a child enrolled at the school where you wish to volunteer, you will be asked to complete the District’s Community Volunteer Application. For more information on this process please contact District Volunteer Services at 503-591-4443.

Rock Creek Volunteers exercise the following:
Professionalism - The job is voluntary, but the commitment is professional. Volunteers work with staff and maintain an attitude of mutual respect and confidence.
Dependability & Punctuality - Students and staff rely on volunteers. Please contact the school if you are unable to volunteer on your scheduled day.
Confidentiality - Volunteers must protect the teachers’ and students’ right to privacy. You must not disclose school affairs or personal matters which may come to your attention or ask personal questions. (i.e. do not question students that are in the health room or office) Discuss problems or concerns only with the teacher or principal.

All Volunteers must have an Approved District Background Check before they can volunteer.  Please click the link below and submit an application. Be sure to check Rock Creek as your school of choice.

District Volunteer Page

Volunteer Background Application