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​We strongly encourage all eligible students to ride the school bus.  It helps relieve congestion and increase student safety during dismissal time.

Parking Lot Expectations and Procedures

ALWAYS be on the lookout for kids.
ALWAYS travel at a safe speed.
ALWAYS back out carefully from parking spaces.

Please refrain from talking on your cell phone while driving on school property.

When dropping off your child in the morning PLEASE observe the following:

1. Use the right lane to drop off.

2. Use the left lane as a thru lane to reach the lower parking lot and then park and walk across to the school. When crossing the lanes to reach the school, please cross ONLY at the crosswalk

3. When you use the right lane (drop-off lane) always pull as far forward as possible before dropping off your student.

4. Your student should ALWAYS exit the car from the passenger side of the vehicle.

When picking up your child in the afternoon PLEASE observe the following:

Bus Riders, Walkers & Bikers will be dismissed at 3:05 pm. (On Wednesday -1:35 pm) Parents can meet their students at the back gym door

Park & Pick Up: You may enter the lot until 2:55 pm. (On Wednesdays -1:25 pm) Please park, walk in through the gate to the covered area and pick up your student from the gym. If no legal parking space is available, you must exit lot.

Drive-thru Pick Up: You may enter parking lot after 3:15 pm. (On Wednesday -1:45pm) Please have student's last name clearly posted on the dash. Enter the bus lane, pull forward to pick up (*see dismissal plan). If your child is not ready as you pass, you must drive around again.


Dismissal Plan 2017-18-1.pdf