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School Meals & Nutrition Standards

Nutrition Services serves meals that meet USDA nutrient standards every school day at all sites.  At breakfast, students are offered 4 servings from 3 food groups (fruit, whole grains, LF/NF dairy), and students must take 3 servings for the meal to be considered a" complete" meal.  At lunch, students are offered foods from 5 different food groups, (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, LF/NF dairy & protein).  They must take 3 of the 5 servings, and 1 of the servings must include at least a ½ cup of fruit or vegetables for the meal to be "complete".

Meal Times

8:05 am–8:25 am                                                         

Lunch & Lunch Recess:


K     10:50- 11:10         11:10-11:30
1st   11:15- 11:35         11:35-11:55
2nd  11:40- 12:00         12:00-12:20
3rd   12:00- 12:20         12:20-12:40
4th   12:20 -12:40         12:40 - 1:00
5th   12:40 - 1:00          1:00 - 1:20


Breakfast, Lunch for the current month and A la Carte menus are posted on the Nutrition Services Website at: Prices

The prices for the 2015/16 school year are:

*Breakfast                   $1.45 full price                        

*Lunch                        $3.05 full price                        

*Adult Breakfast         $2.10  

*Adult Lunch              $2.45

*Extra Milk                   $.50

Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits

If a family is experiencing financial need, then parents may complete one application for meal benefits for all students in their family.  Meal benefits on-line application and instructions are available at .  Paper copies will also be available in the school office, cafeteria, or from the Nutrition Services Meal Benefits office.  The application process and each student's meal benefit status are completely confidential.  Families may apply for meal benefits at any time throughout the school year, even up to the last day of school.  However, a new application is required for each school year.   For more information please call:  Nutrition Services Meal Benefits Office 503-259-8427 or ELL Welcome Center 503-672-3715.

Student Meal Accounts & Making Meal Payments

Each student is assigned their own individual meal account which they can access using a Personal Identification Number, (PIN).  The meal account is a debit account, so students eligible for full and reduced price meals must deposit money into their account before they can purchase meals.  Parents may deposit money into their student's account by any of the following methods:

1.  Sending cash, or a check made out to the school café.  When making a payment, please indicate your student's first and last name along with his/her PIN, on the memo line of the check.  It's best to deliver the payments directly to Nutrition Services staff in the cafeteria so that the payments can be applied before the next meal.

2. Making payments online

Beaverton School District Nutrition Services Dept. has transfered to a new provider for parent on-line meal payments called "School Cafe". 

In emergencies, students can charge a meal, but are limited to charging up to the cost of 3 lunches.  When account balances get low, or each time a student charges, s/he will receive a verbal reminder that the account balance is getting low and/or is negative.  Each time a charge is made, an automated voice mail message will be sent from the district to the parents/guardian, informing them of the amount that is owed.  (Please note that it is parent/guardians' responsibility to ensure the school has a current phone number on file.)  At some schools, students may also receive a hand stamp, or a note as a reminder.  After 3 charges, the cashier will give students an "emergency meal" of a fruits & vegetables & a carton of milk, in lieu of the complete meal.    Please see the information above regarding easy ways to track your student's meal balance.

Whenever your student graduates to the next level or transfers to another school within BSD, his/her account balance will transfer too.

Meal Etiquette

Health department regulations stipulate that students should wash their hands before eating and are not allowed to share any portion of their meals.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves, return trays to the proper location, recycle appropriate items, and dispose of garbage in the waste.