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Scholls Heights Mission

We will engage ALL students in rigorous learning. Every student will develop the academic, problem-solving, social-emotional, and creative skills to be productive, innovative, and responsible citizens and leaders in a changing global society.​​

 Scholls Heights Vision 

Every Scholls Heights student will reach his/her full potential. All students will be prepared to thrive in middle school, high school, college and/or career.

Scholls Heights Elementary

We expect Excellence


• We set high standards for all students

• We encourage continuous growth toward personal goals

• We expect students to believe -- “Excellence is a Habit”

We Innovate


• We encourage curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking

• We adapt to the needs of our students

• We integrate technology and the arts

We embrace Equity


• We provide support and interventions so all students can achieve

• We honor diversity and bilingualism

• Student success will not be predicted based on race, ethnicity, language, gender or sexual orientation, disability, family economics, mobility, or initial proficiency

We Collaborate


• We strive for open and honest communication

• We collaborate on teams to achieve common goals

• We build strong relationships with students, families, and community to support learning

• We teach students collaboration skills to become effective communicators