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9625 SW 125th Ave. ·  Beaverton, OR  97008
Office:  503-356-2890  ·  Attendance: 503-356-2891

At A Glance


Southridge High School opened in 1999 in Beaverton, Oregon, and is one of five comprehensive high schools in the Beaverton School District.  An emphasis on relationships -- among staff members, students, parents, and community members -- was central to the design and planning of Southridge, and Southridge is committed to promoting learning, a sense of community, and collaborative decision making. Students consistently report in surveys that Southridge has a positive environment. Drop-out rates are very low, and state assessment results are strong. Southridge opened with shared decision making and mentoring relationships as essential features of learning. This is evident in many aspects of its structure and practices.  Southridge continues to create opportunities as we strive to meet the needs of all our students.

Features of our School Community:

Advisory: The advisory program is at the heart of our work in building relationships and a strong learning community.. Each teacher is assigned to advise 25-30 students by grade level during the course of their high school careers, helping to provide personalized attention to students' needs. Advisory periods are scheduled about two times per month to deliver a wide range of academic advisement functions, as well as address school activity and culture topics.

Extended Time: During a rotating 42 minute period every other day, students meet with teachers for extended learning.  The extended time is meant for teachers to assist students to continue their classroom learning or to academically intervene if students are not meeting standards.

Shared Decision Making: Regular staff communication occurs through department representatives and through School Leadership Team meetings, which supports an ongoing exchange of ideas, innovation, and collaboration.

Student Relationships: Link provides a transition program for 9th graders in which upperclassmen serve as mentors.  In addition, commUNITY Ambassadors support the work of building a safe and inclusive environment by providing assistance during our Days of Understanding and Unity Week.

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Southridge High School is to develop compassionate graduates who think critically and creatively, embrace lifelong learning and responsible citizenship, and who learn from and appreciate the connections between our school, community and the world.

Our Shared Core Values:
  • Graduation for all in preparing for post-high school success
  • Safe, respectful, welcoming, and spirited school culture
  • Authentic learning experiences in a varied, challenging, innovative, curriculum
  • Meaningful engagement in our community
  • A learning culture valuing passion, collaboration, perseverance and individual growth
  • An awareness and appreciation for diversity, equity, and international perspectives

Common Core State Standards
The staff is currently examining the instructional changes necessary to meet the rigor of the CCSS for core subject areas, and discussing best practices in the content areas. Using the lens of the CCSS framework, as well as feedback, teachers meet to evaluate and revise current learning targets and rubrics to meet state and national content standards. Teachers work with strategies to help students access complex subject areas, and create assessments to measure content knowledge and skills. 

Semester Schedule
Southridge operates on a semester block schedule of approximately 18 weeks per term. The district requires students to earn 24 credits to graduate; however, students can earn up to 28 credits during their four years at Southridge.

Career Academies
All students are encouraged to study in a Career Academy (focus) area or be an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate. To earn a Career Academy endorsement, during their junior or senior years students will take certain elective courses and complete career related learning experiences, 60 hours of Service Learning, and a senior project, all of which are tied to their focus area. A commitment to interdisciplinary learning and personalized support for all students is a priority.  

Learning Teams 
Attention to academic learning and to the development of positive staff and student relationships is crucial to creating a culture of excellence and respect. At Southridge, staff members have worked to address academic and instructional needs in Learning Teams.  Learning teams, or similar professional work groups, meet regularly to provide teachers an opportunity to discuss student work and personal teaching practices. Learning teams have become a strategy in the Beaverton School District and at Southridge because the District’s goals and vision for learning require that all teachers engage in collaborative work.