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​​​​​​​​​Academic Planning

Southridge operates on a semester system, with an A/B block schedule. There are four class periods in our daily schedule that meet each day for 90 minutes each. One period on “even” days, called seminar period, provides 90 minutes of additional intervention or study hall time. The seminar class period provides additional time for students to complete work or get additional help. Advisory activities or assemblies are also held on Wednesdays on even days.

Each successfully completed semester in a course earns a student one-half credit. This offers a student a possible 7 credits per year, for a total of 28 possible credits they ca​n obtain in their four years at Southridge. Twenty-four credits are needed​ to graduate.

Graduation requirements include 4 credits of language arts, 3 credits of math, 3 credits of social sciences, 3 credits of science, 1 credit of health, 1 credit of physical education, 9.5 credits in applied arts, fine arts, or second language, and 1/2 credit career development (.5). Students must also complete 60 Service Learning hours.

In addition to the graduation requirements, it is also recommended that students take IB classes and/or explore a Career Pathway endorsement. All students are encouraged to take a rigorous course of studies culminating in a senior exhibition, completion of service learning hours, and/or other career related learning experiences, all of which can be tied to one or more career pathway endorsements.

Our academic program is enhanced by our membership with the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Students forecast for classes (request classes) through Advisory in February. The Academic Program Planning Guide lists the menu of course offerings students may choose from. Advisories facilitate conferencing, preparation for state assessments, facilitation of forecasting activities, and Career Academy advisement. Service Learning and many other graduation requirements can also be monitored through Advisory. 

Your best source for information about academic planning at Southridge High School is the Academic Program Planning Guide. The guide is designed to acquaint you with the program offerings, course descriptions and prerequisites of the subjects taught at Southridge. If used as a study guide at home, this guide will give you an understanding of the courses available.