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​​​Career Academies

​A Career Academy is a great way for seniors to explore an area of interest and to create a senior project. It can be a hands-on project or a research p​aper. It can involve designing or improving a product or service, organizing an event, or demonstrating an advanced skill. All students are encouraged to select an endorsement area and complete a senior project.

Seniors who plan to do a Senior Project (Extended Application) need to fill out a 1-page application form and give it to the appropriate Career Academy Dean by Nov. 1 of their senior year. The Deans are listed on the application. After students turn in their application to their Dean, they then meet with their Dean to receive information and guidance about completing their project and agree upon timelines. To complete a senior project, students need to be able to work independently and manage timelines themselves. Senior projects meet the Extended Application graduation requirement that is required for a diploma.

Career Academy course requirements are meant to be flexible. Students can work with their Dean on all modifications to the course requirements listed below, especially in cases in which a course was cancelled or could not be scheduled.

Requirements for individual Career Academies differ slightly, although the general requirements for all academies are:

  1. Complete the prescribed Career Academy coursework. (See below.) Students work with their Career Academy Dean to determine if any modification to the required coursework is needed; this means that the Deans will work individually with students in cases when prescribed classes are not offered or in instances where a student was unable to be scheduled into a prescribed course. In such cases, other coursework may be substituted.
  1. Propose and complete a Senior Project. Students meet with their Dean to review requirements, additional activities, and timelines for their Senior Project. Students will need to take the initiative to contact their Dean and set up times to regularly meet. They will also complete a job shadow/internship and write a research and/or reflection paper.

  1. Make a presentation about the project to a panel of teachers, parents, and/or community members.

Students should contact Mr. Healy if they have questions.

For more information, please reference the Career Academy Information document.