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9625 SW 125th Ave. ·  Beaverton, OR  97008
Office:  503-356-2890  ·  Attendance: 503-356-2891


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​Our Mi​ss​ion: ​​​

The mission of th​​e Southridge High Sc​hool c​ounselin​g departme​nt is to provide all students wi​th a comprehensive, developmental counseling program, which aligns with the​ student ach​ieve​m​ent goals of the school and district. ​Our school counselors are licensed professionals who advocate o​n the behalf of all Southridge students. Establishing collab​orative partnerships with educators, parents and community members, sch​ool counselors facilitate individual and systemic change to ensure every student has equal opportunities and the knowledge and skills necessary for academic, career and personal success.


Our Vision:​

As professional school counselors at Southridge High School, we are dedicated to promoting a school-wide achievement and empowering every student to reach his or her highest levels of academic, career and personal success. We believe that a comprehensive counseling program should be an integral part of the total educational program.

October12: Scholarship Night Presentations: Finding Funds ppt (OSAC)Scholarship Night ppt

February 9: Building Your College Profile Presentations: NCAA

April 11: Services for Students with a 504 or IEP in College: PSU Presentation

Important ​Notes:​

Experiential Learning Opportunities (current seniors)

Career Related Learning Opportunities​ (current juniors)   ​​

​Junior Planning Survey

District Wide ACT testing Day: April 3rd

International Students​ Guide to Financial Aid & Student Loans​​​

Paying for Community College: The Oregon Promise​​​

District-Wide Events​​​

Freshmen / Sophomore timeline of events

Senior Timeline (revised)

All outside credit needs to be turned in by May 1st

Senior Graduation is June 10​​ @ 11:00​​