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Office:  503-356-2890  ·  Attendance: 503-356-2891
​​​​English as a Second ​Language ​

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As an English Language Learner, you will be placed at a level based on your testing and teacher recommendation. We have five ELD levels at Southridge. You will have the opportunity to move up levels based on your work performance, readiness and teacher recommendation. 

​The following is an outline of the courses you will be taking according to your level. If you have any questions, please speak with Miriam Cua​​rto Ramirez (356-2918), our Bilingual Community Liaison, or your school counselor. For more ESL information and directions to the Welcome Center click here

For a complete schedule of our events and informational nights please visit our ESL calendar.​​

ELD Courses

        Course                                        Credit

​Beginning English Language Development
​Early Intermediate English Language Development
​Intermediate English Language Development
​Early Advanced English Language Development
​Advanced English Language Development

*ELD course are elective credit only

            Graduation Requirements

Course                                  Credits

​English / Language Arts
​Math (1.0 credit at Algebra 1 level and 2.0 credits or more above Algebra 1 level)
​Social Sciences
​Physical Education
​Second Language, The Arts, Career & Technical Education
​Career Development
Total Credits