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​​​​Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete all the following requirements of the State of Oregon, the Beaverton School District and Southridge High School, will be awarded a high school diploma.  

Students planning to enter a four-year university should note that they will need to meet their individual university’s admission requirements, which could vary from the requirements listed below. Students should work with specific college admissions representatives as they apply to colleges and complete the application process. Students planning to attend out-of-state and/or private colleges should work closely with their counselor to plan their high school course of study as it relates to specific admission requirements.

Beaverton School District and State Diploma Requirements



English/Language Arts



3 (Algebra 1 level or higher)



Social Studies


Physical Education

1 (to include .5 credit PE 1 and .5 credit PE 2)



Second Language, the Arts, Career & Technical Education




Career Education


Total Credits


Essential Skills (state required testing)

Testing options

See the ODE Website for more information about diplomas and required state testing.


OAKS* reading assessment, alternate test, or work samples​


OAKS math assessment, alternative test, or work samples

Personalized Learning

How students meet this requirement

Educational Plan and Profile

All students at Southridge are assigned to an Advisory class. In Advisory, students will complete a variety of activities that help support their personal, career and post-high school goals.  

Career Related Learning Experiences

Students at Southridge need to complete 60 volunteer Service Learning hours in order to graduate. See website for more information.

Extended Application

Seniors are will either complete a Career Academy or  present a Senior Exhibition in Advisory.

*OAKS, or Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, is the  name for the Oregon online statewide assessment system. This online testing system assesses students’ mastery of Oregon content standards in mathematics, reading/literature and science. The state uses a testing system called Smarter Balanced.  Both Oregon law and federal law require that the state and school districts measure student performance against state adopted content and achievement standards.

COMMENCEMENT -- Only those students who have earned all the required graduation credits and passed their essential skills testing (reading, writing and math) may participate in graduation exercises (i.e., walk at graduation).  A student who successfully completes all graduation requirements of the Beaverton School District and Southridge High School and who is in good standing may participate in graduation exercises.

Service Learning and Career Education

Career-Related Learning Experiences -- referred to at Southridge as Service Learning -- is a career and community learning strategy that relates service to instruction. It is required for graduation and is one of the ways in which Southridge students earn the required Career Education credit. It serves to enrich student learning and to teach workplace and community responsibility.  Students are required to complete a set number of hours (60 for students who have been here all four years and prorated for others), plus complete additional assignments.

Follow this link to more information about Service Learning requirements and the six Career Related Learning Experience standards.

Senior Exhibition

All seniors are expected to complete a Senior Exhibition or Senior Project in order to graduate from Southridge High School. Students can complete a Senior Project by working to earn a Career Academy endorsement, or through Advisory can make a Senior Exhibition presentation. The intent of the Senior Exhibition is to give seniors an opportunity to make a culminating presentation to their peers, and also give them the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and post-high school plans. Senior Exhibition requirements are explained in  Advisory class in grade 12.