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**NOTE: If you are applying Early Action or Early Decision, please have these supporting documents to your counselor before school begins in Sept.​

Make sure the school you are applying to requires a Counselor Letter of Recommendation. Some do not. Download the forms below. The recommendation will not be written until your counselor has received all of the documents listed below. Please plan ahead and give your counselor and teacher(s) at least 3 weeks prior to your deadline to write the letter.

Counselor Recommendation Packet​: Complete this packet and either email or hand deliver back to your counselor.

Activities Form: Provide your counselor with your own

Outside Recommender Form: Give this form to a person in the community who can speak on your behalf.

Teacher Evaluation Form: Give this form to a teacher who is N​OT writing a formal recommendation for you.

Official and unofficial transcripts can be obtained through Mrs. McMillan in lower counseling.

Feel free to contact your counselor if you have any questions about this process.