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​​Southridge Scholar

The Southridge Scholar honors award is designed to honor academically well-rounded students who have pushed themselves to excel in a strong and challenging four-year educational program. For students who are self-directed and desire a well-balanced and challenging program, the Southridge Scholar honors award is worth the effort. Students who meet all of the requirements listed below are eligible for this honor.

To earn a Southridge Scholar recognition award, a senior must have:

  1. An accumulative GPA of at least 3.50 (unweighted) at the end of the first semester in grade 12.

  2. At least eight (8.0) credits must be earned in advanced level courses. Students can select from any of the following approved advanced courses at Southridge: courses with an honors designation, STEM courses, IB, AP, Physics II, Biology II, Pre-Calculus, Writing 121, year four of a world language, and Advanced Health Careers. Up to 1.0 credit of these classes may count toward the 8.0 credits of advanced level courses: Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Concert Choir. Students must complete both semesters of any year-long advanced courses.

  3. Successfully completed the same world language at the 3rd year level.

  4. Completed at least 1.0 credit in the Visual or Performing Arts.

  5. Received an endorsement in a Career Academy or complete the full IB Diploma. See the application itself and meet with a counselor or administrator for more information.

  6. Actively participated in at least two co-curricular activities,  e.g. sports, clubs, theater, music (can be two different activities or two years of the same activity).

  7. Completed a full load of courses for the time you’re enrolled at Southridge (Teacher Assistant, Supervised Study, Late Arrival or Early Release do not meet this requirement).

  8. Complete and submit the Southridge Scholar application. Due to counselor by Feb. 1.

​Note: International Baccalaureate full diploma candidates who are in good standing at the end of the first semester of their senior year will automatically earn a Southridge Scholar Honors award.

Southridge Scholar candidates are expected to adhere to high standards of academic integrity and honesty throughout their full four years of study at Southridge.